Big 20-pointed crochet star ball with instructions


This star ball is made out of 20 triangular based pyramids put together.  Each pyramid is made out of three triangles put together so you will need to make 60 triangles. The picture below shows how the bases of the pyramids shall be attached to each other. So the actual spikes/pyramids that you have crocheted are not shown in the picture. Imagine they are standing out from each triangle. (Image courtesy of Wikimedia.)


Here’s how I made the triangles:


Here’s how I made the little balls at the tips of the points:

You will need 20 of these.


Now it is time to put the triangles together in pyramids and attaching the little balls at the tips:


Here’s how I put the pyramids together:

You can use regular filling but the walls of the pyramids will not be as straight as in the pictures here. This star ball is filled with cut outs from an old sleeping mat which makes it very light and straight. If you choose to fill it with the cut outs from sleeping mat you are gonna have to alternate between putting the pyramids together and attaching the sleeping mat filling. 

If I would do another one, I would probably put regular filling in the hole between the pyramids to prevent it from “folding” when pushed together. It is easy though to “unfold” it and pull it straight and even again.

As you fill the pyramids it will get harder to make the joining crochet. Here are some tips on how to finish the ball:



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