Crochet Ray Rings

I made these thinking I would eventually turn them in to some kind of lamp shade. However, after using up all the rings that I had, I discovered that what I had were way too few to make a nice lamp shade out of. I really like them though, just don’t know what to use them for yet.

They are really simple to make. Just make single crochet around a big ring and around a small ring. The big rings I used are in plastic and the small ones are metallic curtain rings. With a long piece of yarn, sew between the back loop of the stitches on the small ring and the back loop of the stitches on the big ring. Before you start sewing, turn the stitches on the big ring so that the top loops are on the inside of the ring. Use the same number of crochet stitches in each of the rings between every sewing stitch (fewer stitches/smaller gap between the sewing stitches in the small ring). End by winding the thread around the two rings where they meet and fasten the ends on the backside.

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