Curtain Rings Trivet

A trivet made out of mainly single crochet around 16 metal curtain rings. The diagrams below show step by step a way around the curtain rings where you never have to cut the yarn.

There are some slip stitches along the way between the rings. They are made in two different ways and the first picture below shows where to make them in a certain way: The slip stitches marked with green circles are made around the single crochet stitches you already made between the two rings you are currently working on. The slip stitches marked with pink/purple rings are made in the middle stitch of the half of the ring pointing towards the ring you are currently working on. Work the slip stitch through both the loops of the stitch above.

The number of stitches can be varied depending on the yarn and the thickness of the rings. Just make sure the number of stitches around a ring is a multiple of four. In the diagram below each quarter of a ring has eight stitches (32 around a ring).








Fasten the ends on the backside.




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