Treble crochet and sticks door mat


This door mat is made out of just treble crochet with four turning chains. You might have to experiment with different lengths of stitches, shorter or higher than the treble crochet, to fit around the sticks you are using. The stitches should be quite tight around the sticks so they don’t move around or fall out but loose enough so that the weaving with the sticks isn’t to hard.

The color changes every row and four different colors has been used. Like this:

When the crocheting was finished I wove in sticks of a large kind of grass between the treble crochets. The sticks are taken under a treble every second stitch and over a treble every second stitch. Start every second row by taking the stick under a treble and every second row by taking it over a treble.

I found the grass sticks in my garden and it looks like in the picture below when it grows. There are shorly all kinds of sticks in the nature to be used. With a thin blade saw I cut them to desired length. I tried with pruning shears first, which goes much faster, but it crushed the sticks. As you can see in the pictures yet some of the sticks are crushed. This is from the weight of people stepping on them but could have been avoided if I had been more careful when I choose which sticks to use.

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