Tunisian crochet 12-pointed star ball

This 12-pointed star ball, here in two different shapes, is made using tunisian crochet but can just as easily be made using regular single crochet. One star ball is made out of 60 triangles that is put together in 12 pentagon-based points/spikes using single crochet. The base of the triangles are the same length in the both star balls in the picture above but the one in the background has taller triangles (decreases less often) than the one in the front which makes it more “pointy”.

If you use 5 different colors and make 12 triangles in each color you can put them together according to the map below. If you follow the map you will have the “mirror”-effect and the colors will be equally distributed around the ball. The larger, “pointier” one in the picture is made after this map, although I didn’t have enough yarn to make 12 triangles in each color so, in the ball I made that shows in the pictures, pink and violette count as the same color and red and orange count as the same color in regards to placement.


I have written instructions on how to do a 20-pointed star ball similar to these 12-pointed ones here. You make 60 triangles in both cases but put them together differently. Follow the instructions on the 20-pointed star ball but instead of putting the triangles together in triangular based pyramids, put them together in pentagon based pyramids.

These 12-pointed star balls are filled with regular filling and I do not know how it would work with the cutouts from sleeping mat in the wider angels that a pentagon based pyramid has. I do know that the pointier the pyramids are the harder you have to fill them if you use regular filling in order to make them stand out straight. The bigger one of these two is really heavy from all the filling!


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